Aries – The Ram:

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Aries: March 21 – April 19

Aries is the very first sign of the zodiac and the traits of a first born are full representative of this sign.

Move out of the way for this fire sign, they know that they are first and are always putting themselves in leadership positions. An Aries will be the first person to recommend ideas and get the ball rolling.

However, this fire sign doesn’t really enjoy the finishing details as much as initiating a project. An Aries is such a strong leader that they fit well in the military, and have the magnetic personality that people are drawn to in difficult situations.

If you have your back against a wall, an Aries can navigate that situation to where everyone feels secure.

Some people refer to Aries as the leaders of the zodiac, which makes sense why this sign is represented by the ram. A ram enjoys being on the top of the mountain, and being dominant in the animal kingdom. This is the same way that Aries navigates the facets of their lives, they are very aggressive with their ideas.

They sometimes don’t even realize that they are forcing people into doing things. An Aries is very honest and direct but can be too blunt for their own good, which causes them to seem tactless. The worst situation is anything that is competitive, because an Aries is not made to lose.

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Aries, in the workplace, are natural born leaders and can sometimes have a problem being in a subordinate position. They are generally not very good at following directions, and sometimes have a problem with elaborating on their own instructions. Aries are seen as impulsive in this situation, it’s more of an act now, ask questions later mentality.

Arians are usually right on the money with their instincts though, and they do respect other people’s opinions. It doesn’t mean that they will choose someone else’s way of doing things, but at least they are open to suggestions.

In relationships an Arian doesn’t play any games, if you are friends then there doesn’t need to be any further description. The same goes with relationships, but can vary slightly if an Arian becomes bored. Just like animals in the wild, Arians like to meet new mates and can sometimes turn into a philandering partner.

If you are faint of heart, an Arians brutal honesty could cut right through you. As parents, Arians will lay down their lives for their children. There is no other parent of the twelve signs that is dedicated to a child like an Aries. So, although they could lose interest, if you can keep their attention Aries will sacrifice everything for their family.

Arians are a great sign, and fully represent the tenacity and strength that it takes to lead the other signs. This is a sign that can’t sit still and always has a cause to champion which can turn into an impulsive nightmare. With focus and the proper determination an Arian is a person that you always want fighting for you in your corner.