Libra – The Scales:

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Libra: September 23 – October 22

Libra is the seventh sign in the zodiac, and is the only one that is not represented by a human or an animal. This is actually the most sociable of all the signs, and is also the first one that is focused on interaction with the environment.

Represented by the scales, Libra is shown to weigh out everything, and seeks balance in all areas of life. Libras are generally very good looking, and kown to have exquisite taste in all things. They enjoy trying to find a balance in the beauty and harmony of their everyday life.

Although Libra seeks pleasure, they rarely act without considering every option in a given situation. This is one of the few signs that can actually look impartially at problems, and weigh out the proper solutions.

However, Libra does know best, and don’t accept their ideas being challenged. Since this sign is all about finding the best solutions, once they arrive upon an answer they know they are right, and can be very stubborn in this sense. Generally Libras are very diplomatic, but only if everyone agrees with their views.

Libra has such an intuitive nature that they are one of the easiest signs to get along with. Libras are sometimes said to know what others want, even before they do, making Libra an excellent host.

Since Libras love the finer things, they love throwing parties, and experiencing anything cultural in the evenings. Although Libras are very popular in social settings, they can appear to be vain at time, since they do know best.

Libras can be a little duplicitous at times, because they will still put on a bright face even if they are bored to tears.

Libra’s element is air, which means they enjoy mentally connecting with others, and experiencing higher learning. This is why Libra is so great in social circles, because they have a little bit to say on every topic, and these notions are all weighed out in the Libra mind before even mentioned in public.

If you are looking for a little bit of insight on a situation, Libra is a person that you want on your side in any personal dilemma. Librans use their skills for good, and are rarely ever manipulative, they genuinely care about other people and love guiding them in problems.

When Libra is in a relationship, they give completely to another person. This is a sign that is very romantic and enjoys the whole process of falling in love. However, this sign can be stubborn, since they view themselves as being always right. You will be hard pressed to find an argument that you can win with a Libra.

Also, Libra loves social attention, which can cause some problems when the flirtatious side of a Libra takes center stage, instead of doting attention on their partner. Libras are generally even tempered, but can become jealous, and shallow. It takes a strong mind, and someone that loves life, to keep a Libran interested, or else they will move on to the next best thing.

However, if you can hold a Libra’s attention, you will be in for one of the most fulfilling relationships of your life, because they are one of the most caring and nurturing of all signs.