Pisces – The Fish:

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This water sign is the twelfth of the zodiac which means that Pisces encompasses traits of all the signs that came before it . Although Pisces will not brag about all of their gifts and are much happier keeping them to themselves.

Pisceans are all about giving themselves to a cause, and are very selfless individuals. These good natured people are very taken and moved by many problems, and provide sympathy and support in any difficult situations.

Pisces are extremely open and welcoming of people around them. They are generally very docile and patient in every situation. They are generally more concerned with other’s well-being before their own.

Pisceans is represented by two fish, which is seen as a sign that Pisces go with the flow and aren’t problem starters. This is pretty accurate of a Pisces personality, and the two fish also recognize the balance of their personalities.

In general Pisces tend to be very introspective, and their thoughts about reality and non-reality are constantly balancing one another out.

Pisceans rely on the unknown for decisions, just as much as tangible objects and facts. In fact, many Pisces have psychic tendencies because they are so intuitive. They are so hard to read that some call this sign the chameleon.

They enjoy being a little withdrawn, but at the end of the day are happier being out in the open with their thoughts and goals putting their effort into helping others in need.

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In their careers, Pisces are much more focused on artistic satisfaction rather than monetary gain. They are also much better working on their own, or under a supervisor.

Pisces get the most enjoyment in the form of creating art, helping people, or any vocation that isn’t a typical nine to five.

Pisces are sometimes unrealistic in this sense, and focus too much on philosophies instead of providing for themselves in the real world. Their love of pleasure and luxury can also impact their responsibilities, in fact Pisces love to travel and be free to pick up and move whenever they feel the need.

In relationships Pisces are submissive and generally very easy going. They are selfless people who usually give more in relationships than they ever walk away with.

In fact, when seeking the people and partners that they surround themselves with they often search for mental stimulation above all other qualities.

They tend to be very mild mannered people, so they enjoy the simpler things in all forms of relationships. They are loyal and very faithful to anyone that they commit to. Pisces can be a little delicate in a relationship, but once you have their support there is never any question of their sincerity.

Pisces are here one minute and out exploring the world the next. This is a sign that is attentive to the needs of others, and respects all personal relationships.

As long as you treat a Pisces genuinely they will from a bond with you that can span the rest of your lives, no matter where in the world you may be.