Taurus – The Bull:

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Taurus: April 20 – May 20

Taurus, also known as the Bull, is the second sign of the zodiac and is focused on the end reward. Where other signs are focused in the thrill of the journey, Taurus wants to get to the end.

These Bulls love luxury and rewards so much that it can become a serious problem for their finances. They also are a fan of pleasure, and anything that pleases their senses.

A Taurus is definitely a self-indulger and they define a good life by their personal possessions.

Bulls are known for the stubborn streak that they possess, and this is the perfect symbol for a Taurus. This is an earth sign so there aren’t that many surprises in mood swings, but Bulls are definitely set in their ways.

Don’t bother with any argument you’re thinking about having with a Taurus, because before you even open your mouth their mind is already made up. 

This can be a good trait though, and this sign’s perseverance causes them to achieve many of their goals. Making Taurus one of the most successful and hardworking signs of the zodiac.

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In their careers, Taurus loves the world of finance, and enjoys any career that is business related. Some say that the way to a Bull’s heart is through the financial world. They also work well in leadership positions, but aren’t gentle when it comes to their management of people.

This can often get them in trouble with their personal relationships in the office, a Bull isn’t afraid to step on any toes. A Taurus is also very protective, so they are perfect for trustees or guardians as well.

Even though Bulls are stubborn, they respect their authority in the work place and have no problem following orders, and enjoy working with physical labor.

In love Taurus is one of the most devoted signs on the zodiac, and this bull is attentive and focused on the satisfaction of their partner.

They don’t mind staying at home, starting and family, and rarely need any outside entertainment to make them happy. Actually, a common complaint of the Taurus partner, is that they are too repetitive and not open to change.

Taurus does like their routine, and feels a little anxious when things aren’t going according to plan. As long as this Bull is in a relationship with a sign that can introduce them to new things, there is no limit to the success of their relationship.

A Taurus may seem all rough and tough on the outside, but they are deeply sensitive on the inside. However, they do hide their emotions very well and might not ever tell you if you have offended them. Tauruses are always on a quest to find out about themselves, and their values, which is the secret to their lifelong happiness.

Although a Taurus may seem stubborn but they are fairly sensible, and as long as their spending habits are kept in check they are generally responsible. A Taurus will be loyal to a fault, the only downside is that you have to put up with their stubborn nature.