The Healing Properties of Crystals

Healing Crystals

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Crystals can make you feel as if you are connecting with the earth. When wearing a crystal that has the intention you desire, the positive vibes you create will vibrate within them and amplify what you feel.

There are questions regarding the actual nature of crystals if a crystal can heal and the properties therein. Is it the power of persuasion that gives crystals energy? Or is there something more going on?

The Science Behind the Power:

The question remains – do crystals have healing power? Looking into crystals, you will see that they do nothing more or less than project the vibrations they receive.

There was a study conducted by IBM scientist Marcel Vogel, who was able to see the crystals he grew under a microscope change shape to his thoughts while watching them. His discovery led him to believe that crystals are amplifying the emotions and energy that a person emits.

Recently, there was also a study conducted by Navya Mysore MD, who advised that there is no scientific evidence suggesting that crystals can cure illnesses.

Her theory makes sense if we also consider Vogel’s findings. Diseases are not negative energies, and crystals are intention amplifiers. Therefore, they cannot amplify cure because “cure” is not an emotion.

Amethyst Crystals

Chevron Amethyst Tumbled Crystal
Enhances peace of mind. Strengthens and clears the aura.
Removes resistance to change. Dissipates and repels negativity.

The Colors of Persuasion:

Though amplifying emotions can emit positive energies, there is more to crystals than that. Colors are just as important. Our ancestors discovered 2,500 years ago that light was healing and essential to health. The colors associated with healing and happiness, or other positive emotions, included the colors red, yellow, and orange. These colors also boost a person’s ability to avoid getting sick.

Colors, including blue, violet, and green, enhance more feelings of balance and calmness. Many people say that yellow is a warm color like the sun and sunshine, where blue is a cool color, and dark as night.

When people think of how crystals work, healing through setting the intention as a positive affirmation with crystals and colors can help you achieve what you desire. Using crystals with intention can work towards the goals you want.

Intentionally Creating Your Power:

The power of persuasion is real. In a placebo study, half of the people participating received information about crystals, and all of them heard they might experience physical sensations such as tingling and heightened emotions. The results were equally effective, even with real crystals given to the other half of the group who did not hear what they may experience. The hypothesis was that crystals created the experience based on what the person using them believed.

Considering this study, the power of persuasion affects healing when you have a clear understanding of what you want to achieve and believe in it. What you actively create intentions, and build in positive emotions, you will attract that emotion and magnify it when using crystals as a visual affirmation and reminder of your intentions.

The healing that crystals then supply comes from releasing layers of negative feelings you may have experienced in the past. Some of these feelings can include doubt, low confidence, apathy, depression, and anxiety. By using crystals as a visual affirmation and source of beauty, you open your mind to accepting positive emotions towards your goals. Creating more positive emotions is what heals negative ones.

  • Do crystals have healing powers? The answer lies within you. Know what colors make you feel balanced and at peace.
  • Where do you want to improve your life? Write your intentions as a present intention, and make sure your goal is clear within your mind.
  • Crystals emit heightened energy from its source. If you are its source, what kind of energy are you emitting? Improve your world by your positive thinking and crystalline power by connecting it with your own.

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