Virgo – The Virgin:

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Virgo: August 23 – September 22

Virgo is the unique sixth sign that is actually the only zodiac sign that is a female, and are known as the virgins. When thinking of a Virgo, one thinks of a tall, slender person, that has an overall gentle, and calm appearance.

These virgins are very neat and tidy, and like everything to have a sense of order. Sometimes seen as overly picky, or even being a little OCD, being a perfectionist is something that just comes naturally to Virgo.

This can be a good thing, propelling them forward to achieve the best for themselves, but can also be a negative trait as Virgo sometimes gets lost in the details. The virgin is forever making lists to guarantee that they are on the right paths at all times.

When thinking of characteristics of a virgin, modesty and practicality are two of the traits most commonly associated with Virgo. They also are humanitarians that enjoy serving the community and giving back to less fortunate, and this is why so many Virgos choose occupations where they can make a difference in people’s life, versus achieving high status or fame.

You can also be sure that when dealing with a Virgo in the workplace, that they set the standards for corporate behavior. They are always focused on completing the task at hand correctly, the first time, and pride themselves in their precise behavior.

Virgo can be a bit cautious and shy in their everyday lives. They enjoy being in the home, rather than taking on new adventures and seeing the sights. In fact, Virgo is so practical that you might catch one checking their bank accounts before agreeing to have dinner with you. These are creatures of habit, that enjoy being responsible, and conservative in their lifestyle choices.

In social situations, Virgo is happy to amuse themselves, versus wasting their time talking to other people. In a room where Virgos don’t know anyone, they are perfectly content to sit alone until their party arrives. This has something to do with Virgo’s criticism of other people.

Since this sign holds themselves to the highest standards they expect the same out of their friends. This is why Virgo can sometimes find too much fault in those around them, and not give some people a fair break.

In relationships, Virgo can find it difficult not to judge their partners, and this can cause some serious problems. They can also be set in their ways over financial responsibility and things that they consider extravagances. They would rather sit in and eat a quiet dinner, than go out with their partners.

All of these factors can weigh heavy on a relationship, but they are good characteristics to have in a partner. This is why so many people are attracted to Virgo in the first place. However, with the right amount of attention, a Virgo can break out of their shell every so often.

They need a relationship that will nurture their sense of propriety, but will also challenge them to experience life. Virgos are loyal, and attentive to their partners, and can experience the deepest depths of love, if someone can get past their nature of a routine.