Sagittarius – The Archer:

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Sagittarius: November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius is a fire sign and is also the ninth astrological sign under the zodiac, these few are known as the wanderers. This doesn’t necessarily mean that a Sagittarius is a vagabond, but these wanderers are always out looking for the solution to problems, and the meaning of life.

Sagittarius is a person who would enjoy spending years traveling to the corners of the earth to learn everything they can, about as many things as they can.

Knowledge is to a Sagittarian as oxygen is to the human body, it’s what fuels all their movements. The symbol of the Archer is that which represents this wise sign, and is commonly shown as a Centaur.

Centaurs are made up of the torso of a man and the legs of a beast. In Roman Mythology, these creatures were actually the intellectuals of all of those fantasy creatures, and Sagittarius holds true to this description today. Just because it seems that Sagittarius may know everything, it doesn’t mean they won’t listen to other voices in a discussion.

However, they do like when they are being agreed with versus someone debating issues. Sagittarius would much rather have an intellectual conversation, or go explore a park than be cooped up inside watching TV.

This is why socially a Sagittarius is happy to be on their own, versus other signs that have an underlying need for social acceptance and companionship.

If you do snag a Sagittarius in a relationship you can get ready to have one of the most positive people in your life. These partners aren’t jealous, and are enthusiastic about life.

The downside to this, is that you may not feel appreciated because Sagittarius will not reassure you of their love over and over again, if you’re together that is enough.

There are no games to be played, but generally Sagittarius doesn’t like too strong a commitment. Not to say there aren’t exceptions, but these wanderers like to have the freedom to pick up their life at a drop of a hot and move on.

In their careers, Sagittarians are more conversationalists and entertainers than leaders. They are extremely creative, but don’t like to be tied down. These archers tend to have jobs where they can create art, entertain, or even teach. As long as a Sagittarian doesn’t feel constricted they are happy in any vocation.

This isn’t a power driven sign, so Sagittarius won’t be looking for big houses and fancy cars, these wanderers are happy to float around with a pack on their back. Although, Sagittarius does respond well in high stress situations, and they can make the last minute decisions that can save everyone’s day.

A Sagittarian is the light of a room, and as such attract many people. Don’t look for drama from this sign as Sagittarius is easy going and full of excitement for life. If you do snare one of these people in your nets, you’ll have a selfless friend who gives everything they have to you, as long as you can hold their attention and aren’t offended by their blunt sense of humor.